Horse-Riding School Foundation of Madrid: Classical Dressage and Horse Sales

The HORSE-RIDING SCHOOL FOUNDATION OF MADRID is an entity that was created in relation to the horse world and classical dressage. It is the culmination of its founders’ dreams for supporting and promoting the initiation and improvement in classical dressage. Our ultimate goal for our horse-riding classes is preparing horse-riders and horses from the beginning up to high competition, hoping that one day they may represent Spain in international competitions.

Horse-riding is closely related to art, creating a constantly renewed masterpiece, since it only last one moment. The horse should not be a slave carrying its master, but a dancer who evolves and glides with him. (HANS- HEINRICH ISENBART)

The Horse-Riding School Foundation of Madrid offers its perfectly appropriate facilities in San Lorenzo del Escorial (Madrid) to the interested horse-riders and their horses in order to fully achieve the understanding between horse-rider and horse required by classical dressage, so that the movements reach the level of art.

They will find everything necessary for learning as well as stabling of the horses if desired, under the supervision of qualified maintenance personnel and with the support of veterinarians specialized in each type of injury, if necessary.

Our horse-riding school will teach the most thorough training programs so the horse-rider and horse acquire the necessary level for high competition in classical dressage, starting from the most basic training. Our international-level horse-riders will supervise the daily individual work of the horses, and will teach the necessary horse-riding classes so the horse-rider and horse behave with a sole thought.

During the classes, while the horse-rider learns how to improve the horse’s body and natural airs until achieving the most beautiful movements, the horse gets ready to execute his/her orders with total harmony.


At our school, the horse-riders will not only benefit from the daily horse-riding classes, but they may also attend special clinics organized by the Foundation which are managed by top international professionals in classical dressage.

The horse-riding classes and continuous learning are not the only objectives of the Foundation. The quality of our facilities allows us to promote horse breeding and selling. The German and Spanish ancestry and results of our horses and mares guarantees high performance of our colts in the future. Thus, selling horses for classical dressage becomes another way of spreading and contributing to the expansion of this equestrian discipline.

All the activities related to classical dressage performed at our facilities, horse-riding classes, clinics, horse selling, pupilage, and care from those that are part of our horse-riding school are performed with the cooperation from the Administrative Authorities, State, Autonomous, and Local Organisms and Sports Federations, as well as from other similar or related private or public entities, which makes the fulfilment of our goals possible.


We will keep you informed about the evolution of our Foundation through these pages.

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